Commitment to CDC Mission

As an integral part of our business and commitment to Houston, we design and build single family homes with and for Houston Community Development Corporations. We respect the history and fabric of your neighborhood and are committed to using our experience and resources to play a part in its growth and development.

Building Partner

Resources are tight; we want to be your building partner. Let us leverage our people, talent and resources to increase the impact of your mission. We are here to answer your questions on feasibility, design trends, the impact of housing density in your target area and potential execution strategies. When it comes time to build, you will enjoy responsive service and a focus on timely completion.

Cost Efficient Design Portfolio

We have developed a portfolio of home designs specifically tailored for use with CDCs. We started with a clean sheet of paper to give us the best opportunity to balance design, amenities, cost efficiency and a street face that compliments your neighborhood. Our homes are designed specifically for you and your target area.

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